Circle game

A shameless copy of The circle game.

Device: (choose)DesktopMobile

League: PCTablet

Eat smaller circles, don't get eaten by larger ones.

Move your mouse around.

Drag your circle around.

Click/Drag where to jump.

Tap/Swipe where to jump.

Click/Tap to start — Space/Escape to pause — Reload to restart


Color scheme: RandomScoreSize

Others' colors are just random.

Others' colors change with your score.

Others' colors change with their size.


Note: Remember to set your league properly!

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New game

Game mode: CooperativeConcurrent

Help each other to achieve a maximal team score.

Work against each other for extra fun or frustration.

Game size: Native800x600800x4501024x7681366x768

Whatever size your browser has

For old-ish 4:3 displays

For small 16:9 displays

For larger 4:3 displays

For larger 16:9 displays

Usual controls — Escape to quit


Code: ???

Game mode: ???

Click/Tap to start

Game over

Click/Tap to respawn


Click/Tap on your circle to unpause Click/Tap to unpause

Game over

You've been eaten.

Score: N/A

Click/Tap to restart

Score:  N/A
Highscore:  N/A