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This site is the home of the bustling threaded online chat Instant. Check out &welcome!

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Aside from Instant, leet.nu also hosts alternate Euphoria client with more themes and less bugs. Meet us in &xkcd (yes, that's the same room as the one linked in the page heading)!

Hail Tumbleweed!


[Verse] In the chatroom Late at night The energy's high The mood feels right Conversations flowing Faster than light But there's one thing that catches my sight [Tumbleweed rolls by] (Rolling by, rolling by, oh-oh) Tumbleweed rolls by in the chatroom (Catchin', catchin', oh-yeah) Silent whispers Just a few As the tumbleweed rolls through [Chorus] Cyber tumbleweed In the digital scene Drifting through the pixels Bringing calm and serene It's a virtual wonder A sight to behold Tumbleweed rollin' by As the stories unfold

(Thanks to Meta for generating this one!)