Minor leet.nu projects

SSRTT (Shiny Shared Rotating Text Thingy!)

Another means of communicating via leet.nu, this one comes with a (literal) spin: The text you type in is updated on others' screens in real-time — and rotates (as an option)! Try it out!

Circle game (eat circlez!)

An original creation for leet.nu, inspired by a HTML5 canvas demo, the circle game provides you with the casual moment of fun. Share your experiences in &circlez, or in &xkcd!

Multiplayer is disabled due to disuse; contact the admins if you want it back.

Minecraft (the screenshot may be out of date!)

leet.nu is now not only the main entry point to the &minecraft server, but also hosts it. We most warmly welcome everyone who joins!

Contact us in &minecraft if you want to get in.